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What Is a Content Creator and How To Become One

If you’ve ever scrolled through an influencer’s perfectly curated feed, you’ve probably asked yourself the question, “What is a Content Creator?” You may wonder how they make money from beautiful images, whether the money is meaningful, and even wonder how you can find Content Creator jobs yourself.

What is a Content Creator?

When a company deals with a creative mind to drive its brand strategy, it works with a Content Creator. In this case, their aesthetic skills – and not their audience – are (profitably) used by the brands.

While an influencer needs a large audience and high engagement, Content Creators are artists whose audience and reach are irrelevant. The quality of their work is not based on their engagement but on the engagement their work can bring to another brand.

Content Creators can be influencers and vice versa, but the two can be mutually exclusive. You may not want to be a full-time influencer or Content Creator. Maybe you’re interested in content creation but not in the spotlight – and control – that comes with it. In that case, it’s worth considering employment as a Content Creator. There are jobs at advertising agencies and creative companies that hire artistic minds to drive their visual projects, and there are plenty of opportunities to be found when job hunting.

However, if you want to start your own business and become an influencer, here’s what you need to know.

What is an influencer?

An influencer is, simply put, the medium through which content is distributed. Influencer strategies are all about getting exposure. Companies sometimes earn $20 for every dollar they spend on influencer marketing, so it’s apparent that it’s part of most companies marketing mix. These statistics are staggering and surprising, but so are the influencers themselves.

Influencers might be a dime a dozen, but only 0.018% of Instagram accounts have more than 100,000 followers. With 100,000 followers or more, real money is to be made, and online tools can even help influencers determine how much they can charge for their posts. As an influencer with 100,000 followers, you can earn almost $1,000 per sponsored post. Crazy right?

It’s impressive that influencers can be more persuasive to consumers than celebrities these days! Brands are interested in conversions, and influencers can help them maximize sales. But not all influencers are the same.

Full-time influencer vs. Micro-influencer

Yes, there are Micro-influencers. Micro-influencers may not have millions or even hundreds of thousands of followers, but they have trusted voices in their niche and beneficial brand supporters. Micro-influencers are no less valuable than full-time influencers. As a micro-influencer, earning a few hundred dollars per sponsored post is still possible, and that’s nothing to sneeze at. Similarly, working with Micro-influencers makes influencer marketing more accessible to businesses that don’t have deep pockets. It’s a win-win situation.

What next?

While you can be both an influencer and a Content Creator, it’s entirely possible to be just one or the other. By narrowing down your career goals – or even just your passion project goals – you can better decide which direction to take your creative and strategic mind.

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