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The Benefits Of Blogging For Your Business

We’re going to talk about the benefits of blogging or, more specifically, the content strategy associated with blogging for your business.

why you should blog and the benefits for your business 

So, how does publishing content regularly work? Then it helps improve the performance of your digital marketing efforts. So essentially, content allows you to give your brand a voice and speak directly to your customer.

You’ve put content marketing into a formula. So when you create great content, you’re providing value to the reader, so you’re giving them something valuable that they want to engage with, which in turn creates an audience

Increase the traffic of Audience

You have a group of people that you can communicate with directly. When you communicate with a group of people, you’re advertising to them whether they realize it or not. You’re talking directly to your ideal customer.

When you talk to them, you’re creating an audience that you appeal to. It becomes aware of your product and service, and that, in turn, leads to a potential sale. 

Great content can take many forms. You can either do written content on the blog or, you can add a vlog. So that’s kind of like video content. Your blog can have infographics. Just anything that’s useful and adds value so that when you read it, your audience thinks, and you’re changing the perception of the brand in the reader’s mind.

So it can be anything from copy to videos to gifs, just something that adds value. You’ll attract and build an audience that wants to engage with that content regularly, and then just as you’ve outlined in your formula.

And awareness will potentially lead to sales, the more sales you generate, and there’s a lot we can do in between. You could maybe go over with brands that are using the blog forum good content marketing. So one of my favorite examples is:

A Sydney-based bedding company called Bed Threads regularly publishes lifestyle content on the Journal section of this site, which revolves around lifestyle and home content, with a powerful connection back to sleep. Because it’s a betting company with 87 pages of content – from how gut health affects sleep to the best playlist for bedtime – the site has become a regular source of information and a place where I like to engage with my content.

So content allows brands like Bed Threads to have a personality and add another layer of interaction and engagement to keep them top of mind for their readers. And one thing I like about that example that they’re taking a popular topic that’s probably of great interest to a large portion or segment of their readership, which is health and nutrition, and they’re making it relevant to them.

Benefits of incorporating blogging or content strategy into your digital marketing

If someone wants to start a blog for their business, where would you advise them to start, and can you give them tips to get the strategy on track?

I would always start by understanding who your customer is. Create maybe one to three persons and ask questions like Who are they? What are their interests? What are their pain points? How do they consume their entertainment? And how can your product and service help them?

If you have a clear idea of who you’re talking to, you can always make sure that you tailor your content to one of those persons.

Another piece of advice I would recommend is investing in good content, whether that’s by taking a course or hiring industry experts. Quality is key, and if you don’t create quality content, you won’t reap the rewards it can provide.

Explore your brand’s creativity, and don’t make it a chore

It’s going to stress you out, it’s a reflection of your brand, and there’s no right or wrong answer. Just have some fun with it and enjoy the process cool and go to the Bed Threads the previous example: they identified that a person and their entire audience is Health Conscious. That’s why they started talking about nutrition and health and linking it.

If you try to talk to everybody, you’re going to start talking to nobody because it makes your message very vanilla and less relevant. And there may be a time and place for that occasionally, but wherever you can address specific persons, it’s much more relevant, and the connection should be much more robust.

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