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Increasing Blog Loyalty: 5 Strategies to Strengthen Your Audience Retention

So you have opened a blog and have started writing. You wrote a piece and clicked the publish button, and Lo! Your new shiny blog post is there for all to see. But wait, who’s there to see it? Did you notice something missing? That’s right. You have no viewers or visitors to your blog.

But that’s alright, as you are just starting, and this is your first blog post; things will improve over time.

And they do – you get visits each day and more so on some days than others, but even after all of this, you can’t seem to get consistent visitors each month. Does this story sound too familiar?

If you are a blogger with some experience, this tale is well-worn and known. Many Bloggers struggle to Improve Blog Loyalty. This is a classic case of needing a developed audience loyal to you.

In other words, the people who read your blog are there by accident, and the worst part is even when they need to read more of what you have written and exit the blog quickly.

The truth is, you have few people interested in your writing and are not bothered to bookmark your blog to return to it at some point. In short, you have no loyal audience for your blog.

This does not mean that you are a terrible writer or not passionate enough or knowledgeable about what you write, but it does mean that you need to gain the proper marketing skills to promote the work you are doing as a blogger. You have to understand that blogging is about how well you can write and how well you can make people perceive that your blog is worth their while and is beneficial to them. You can only grow and sustain a loyal audience that trusts and respects your opinions.

Here are the things you need to do to improve your audience retention and maintain a loyal readership for your blog.

5 Steps to Improve Blog Loyalty

1. Have Realistic Expectations and Set Goals

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Do not expect to be an overnight success with a magical shortcut – there isn’t one. Thus it would be best if you toned down your expectations to a more realistic level. This means you must proceed with an experimental approach in the early stages.

Set goals small and keep increasing them as you gain popularity. How small you will set your initial goals depends not only on the type of blog you are writing – and the relevant competition that is already present – but also on your actual geographical location and your target audience for the blog.

2. Communicate

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It is essential to communicate with the visitors to your blog. You can include frequent shout-outs to them in the post and encourage them to leave comments on your posts.

You can also start exclusive discussions on various topics distinct from the blog posts and participate in them yourself. Also, make sure to take an interest in the comments and input well-thought-out replies so that your readers know and feel that you are essential to them.

3. Make Use of Other Platforms

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Many popular bloggers became famous not because of their blogs for so long but due to their presence in other media. This includes but is not limited to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Podcasts, and Email Newsletters. When you see a blogger on other social media, he is probably attempting to Improve Blog Loyalty amongst users.

It would be best if you used social media outlets to make sure that your work is known and present it to be perceived as essential and relevant. Remember that many others are doing the same work as you are, and thus you have to go that extra mile to reap that extra fruit.

4. Determine your Model

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Blogging means something other than that you have to have a written blog. As the present trends show, the world responds more to the visual medium than the written word. In that scenario, people will respond to your efforts more if you start a YouTube channel and post short videos on various topics discussed at great length in a blog post to which you share a link in the video description itself.

This is an effective technique to build a solid online presence and maintain a loyal audience base. The catch is that most of your audience will come from watching the videos, and your blog will become secondary to the video posts. This is why it is essential to determine a model for yourself to decide the priority in which social media and the actual blog will be employed.

5. Hold Contests for Visitors and Do Giveaways

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You need to engage with the visitors to your blog regularly. In addition to replying to comments and holding discussions, you will also benefit from organizing contests and doing giveaways of merchandise for your visitors, enhancing their chances of repeat visits and making them a loyal audience.

You can do giveaways as contest prizes or standalone as well. These events should ideally be hosted every month or once every two months, as too much of this will result in your blog being perceived as spammy and low on actual quality content.

A loyal audience goes a long way in improving a blog’s popularity and general perception. However, developing and maintaining a sizeable loyal audience requires a fair amount of hard work, a judicious mix of marketing insight, and proper planning for the future. However, this is a fruitful labor that will give returns in the long run and is, therefore, an important exercise to be conducted by any blogger who aims to grow his presence online and sustain it for any time.

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