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Best Video sales letter software

Choosing the right video sales letter software for your business can be a daunting prospect.

But don’t panic! We’re here to help – by explaining what makes a good VSL and what software tools will help you create great-looking VSLs of different types

So, with all that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the video sales letter software available – and what each tool brings to the table.

Video Sales Letter Software #1: EasyVSL

EasyVSL is a downloadable desktop app that lets you create animated sales videos at high speed. It has a simple drag-and-drop interface and some pretty impressive tech for syncing text to audio – plus a lot of preset templates that mean even the least “design-y” person can produce something professional-looking fast.

Why is EasyVSL good for VSLs?

Upload script and audio – et voila!

EasyVSL is great for generating “kinetic text” videos – that is, animations that show moving words on the screen in sync with a voiceover.

You simply:

  • Pick your slide style, color scheme, fonts, etc, and the transitions you want to use
  • Upload your script and add the slide breaks
  • Upload your audio voiceover (EasyVSL even offers automated Text-To-Speech services to produce the audio for you) and, with one click, sync it up with the slides

Add imagery and sound effects

Customers also have access to a whole host of musical backing tracks, sound effects, stock imagery, and animations that can be inserted to spruce up their videos.

You can even add video files within the EasyVSL recording to introduce some live-action footage, a talking head, or other elements that the platform can’t produce itself.

Experts love it

Video Sales Letter Software #2: Camtasia

Create Videos for Social Media With Camtasia Studio - Fresh van Root

It lets users create high-quality screen and webcam recordings with a wide range of input options, output formats, and post-production effects.

That’s in contrast to Sendspark, which is far simpler – capturing only your live delivery and what’s on screen, with no special effects during or after recording.

But do Camtasia’s extra features justify the extra complexity and cost?

Why is Camtasia good for VSLs?

Webcam and screen recording

On top of these features, Camtasia lets you use various in-recording effects (eg pointer, drawing, etc) to highlight on-screen events.


If you’re not a fluent presenter, Camtasia lets you cut out the lines you fluffed and the bits where you pressed the wrong button!

It also gives you loads of options to add overlay animations, scene transitions, zooms and pans, sound effects, and more.

New interactive features

Every year, a new version of Camtasia adds some major functionality. In 2021, the best new feature added was interactivity – enabling you to build questions and quizzes into your recordings.

This can be incredibly useful for following up with leads after they’ve watched your VSL, as you’re collecting their feedback and responses “as it happens”.


Camtasia doesn’t make it easy to get your video sales letters into leads’ hands – despite positioning itself as a messaging suite. You have to either download (huge) video files and upload them to hosting destinations yourself or share them via third-party platforms.

Fine if you just want to put your VSL on your website, but not so much if you want to produce and send out personalized messages.

Similarly, Camtasia doesn’t help you understand viewer behavior or drive their next steps. It produces the video, not the supporting features that slot your VSL into a working sales funnel.

What does Camtasia cost?

Camtasia is a downloadable desktop app, which is currently available for $299 or £200.60 for the first year ($50 or £44.58 per year thereafter).

There’s no option to pay for less than a full year upfront, but Techsmith does offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

That might be good for one version of your VSL, but if you want to optimize it in response to performance data with Camtasia, you’ll need to pay the full price.

Video Sales Letter Software #3: Biteable

Biteable is another tool for creating quick, simple animated videos – similar to EasyVSL.

It’s based on a massive range of template videos that users customize.

Biteable makes use of a visual editor that’s simple to use, and lets you turn templates into something that is truly your own very straightforwardly.

Why is Biteable good for VSLs?


Biteable has so many templates and standalone assets, and so many parameters for customizing them, that it does allow you to create practically any kind of animation you can think of (even stop motion claymation!) Customers can also access Shutterstock, Unsplash, and Storyblocks imagery.

If one of the goals of a good video sales letter is to stand out and grab attention, Biteable can certainly deliver on that point.

Calls-To-Action and Analytics

Biteable beats out EasyVSL with the inclusion of a CTA button to drive viewers’ next actions and performance analytics tracking that help you to optimize future versions. Like Sendspark, Biteable gives you engagement and viewer location data.


Biteable suffers from many of the same issues as EasyVSL:

  • The animated format is best for Top of Funnel marketing and not suitable for every product
  • If you want to include content that’s specific to your service (eg a demo), you’ll need to record it in some other app and insert it
  • No in-built functionality for sharing or messaging

Video Sales Letter Software #4 InVideo

InVideo is a video creation platform from the company of the same name in San Francisco, used to create video ads, promo videos, and social media videos. InVideo features a library of 4000+ templates, a full-fledged editor, and millions of stock.

Why is InVideo good for VSLs?

It’s easy to create excellent films with the aid of InVideo! Through the power of video content, work with media firms, small businesses, and brands to increase audience engagement levels.

It’s not necessary to rely on an outside video editor. Concepts are easy to reproduce and alter, and edit whenever choose.

InVideo allows for saving both time and money. Has all the functionality a business could want and is easy to use.

In addition to the abundance of templates, the video stock is pretty convenient, which increases the efficiency of the video editing / creating process.

Pros and Cons

  • Creative & remarkable features.
  • Flawless 24/7 customer support.
  • Easy-to-use interface for non-techies.
  • Any language may be used to create videos.
  • Automation of text to speech.
  • The project’s look is completely under our control.
  • Storybook and Shutterstock libraries with more than 1 million videos and pictures are available to use.
  • Requires a good & stable internet connection for smooth working.
  • Switching between templates can’t possible.
  • The long and time-consuming procedure of exporting.

Most Important Features

  • Collaboration tools.
  • Customize templates.
  • Customize branding.
  • Bulk uploading.
  • Animation video.
  • Rapid creation.
  • Video looping.

Return on Investment

  • It helps us to increase our business profits.
  • Their customer support is very good and quick, hence we can easily solve any problem within just a few hours.
  • They provide too many almost 1 million+ assets so that we don’t have to find them in another place.

Video Sales Letter Software #5 Animoto

New York-based Animoto offers their video editing platform supporting individual video creators and businesses with different tiers of service up to their business plan for marketing teams wishing to create high quality to distribute across social media sites.

Why is an Animoto good for VSLs?

Overall Satisfaction with Animoto

A startup company must attract attention from its target audience at its inception, and Animoto does this. Video clips can be created in less time using this software because it includes many features. This product has features that enhance our videos so that they deliver the right message to our target audience, which in turn leads to more business for us.

Pros and Cons

  • It uses less RAM memory.
  • No additional download is required for this online video editor
  • Good for beginners so certification is required
  • As it is online so sometimes it lags but in future updates, this problem will be solved
  • limited editing features that set boundaries for us.
  • Its premium version has more features but it is quite expensive

Most Important Features

  • Uses Less Ram Memory
  • Can be taught to anyone easily
  • Good music library.

Return on Investment

  • Created many video clips that deliver the exact message we want to the audience leading to more business and more profits for us.
  • Good for beginners to start making their own videos
  • free version of this software put a watermark while exporting videos.

Video Sales Letter Software # Dubb

Dubb is a video communication platform that offers business users a platform to send personalized, trackable videos. Based in Los Angeles, the company was founded by technologists with specialties in marketing automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

Use Dubb to onboard clients on using software applications or quick tutorial videos to resolve issues. As well as, send customers personalized messages via email. There is also the opportunity to create and customize the Landing pages in which the customers will be directed, providing greater opportunities to engage with the customers using CTA.

Pros and Cons

  • Removes friction to send video messages
  • Chrome extension
  • Animated GIF previews in email messages
  • Let you make killer landing pages
  • Personalization is almost automatic
  • Customer Service has gone above & beyond with support
  • Sometimes defaults to a lower resolution, but I suppose that’s for loading times
  • Not much else, it’s really great!

Most Important Features

  • Easy to record video messages
  • Great landing pages with personalization
  • Animated GIF previews in your outbound email messages
  • Alerts when your visitors view the videos, with full analytics

Return on Investment

  • Develop prospects into clients
  • Develop vendors into partners


What is a Video Sales Letter?

A video sales letter (VSL) is a video that pitches your product or service directly to potential buyers to get them to take immediate action.

VSLs are the latest iteration of the mid-20th century long-form, direct-response   adverts and follow almost all the same principles:

  • Present a problem that the viewer has and recognize the “pain” it causes – creating an appetite for a solution that removes the pain (Value)
  • Show how your product solves the problem, ideally in a way that’s better than any potential alternative (Authority)
  • Minimize the perceived risk involved with choosing your product by pointing to as many success stories from people or businesses in the same situation as the viewer as possible (Proof)
  • Drive the viewer to make the next move with a clear Call-To-Action.

As a result, the best sales videos focus more on “why” particular products or services will be beneficial and not “what” they are in great detail. Sales videos should focus on sales. Product or service videos should elaborate more on specific details about them.

Video advertisements help consumers understand your product or service easily. This not only finds new customers and increases sales but also overall consumer satisfaction. Videos are short, easily digestible, and quite often, entertaining.

A VSL funnel, or video sales letter funnel, is a marketing strategy that uses a video sales letter to drive customers to a landing page, where they can then purchase a product or service.

A video sales letter (VSL) is a video designed to sell a product or service to the viewer. A VSL uses the same principles that a written sales letter does to persuade its audience but in video form. You’ll find video sales letters on websites, landing pages, and digital ads.

How to choose the right Video Sales Letter Software?

1) Video Quality: video sales letter software should be able to deliver high video-quality video results.

2) Video Size: video sales letter software platform should be compatible with various video sizes such as Vimeo, Youtube, etc.

3) Video Format: video sales letter software should provide video formats that are compatible with all devices.

4) Ease of use: video sales letter software system must be user-friendly and easy to use by everyone without prior video editing experience.

5) Target audience: video sales letter software should cater to your target market, i.e if your customers are professional marketers then choose a platform that is mainstream in the marketing industry, or if you sell design products or tools then go for software targeted towards designers like Adobe After Effect, etc.

The Bottom Line

The best video sales letter software depends on what kind of VSL you want to create:

  • If you want to create animations, choose EasyVSL for a lower price and fewer options, or Biteable for more freedom for a higher cost.

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